TOUCH WOOD 2019 is an exhibition that took place at the Dray Walk Gallery in London, 17 - 20 Oct 2019. It featured unique and hand-made art pieces by more than 50 internationally celebrated artists including Jean Jullien, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Malika Favre, Emiliano Ponzi, Kristin Texeira and many others. The show was aiming to raise money to protect threatened habitats, restore tropical forests and reduce our carbon footprint.

The event was an incredible success with all profit donated to the World Land Trust’s buy-an-acre and Plant-a-tree campaigns. Together we saved over 620 acres (an incredible 2,5 million m2) of land across Colombia, Mexico and Zambia, as well as planted 69 trees.

The exhibition, both planning and scenography, was created to use as little material as possible. For the exhibition itself, we chose to not build any elements that would go to waste and to not use plastic. Almost everything was re-used or recycled and the whole project has been carbon balanced.

If you’d like to help us increase these numbers, there are still artworks available to buy. Here is the full collection from Touch Wood 2019. Each artwork is unique and measure 300 x 300 mm.

We also published a book about the exhibition with Counter Print, you can find it here.